Product Info


The LED Grow Light with full-spectrum LED has been produced to the highest standard of manufacture. It’s components include the Samsung quantum board, deep red 660nm LED, and Meanwell LED driver. The combination of these components provide you with both a high-efficiency light and top-quality illumination. If you are looking for tremendous plant growth while generating less heat and substantially saving energy, this grow light is the perfect choice.

Our targeted spectrum provides your plants with a pink glow for targeted wavelengths for precision crop growth. Each colour is fully adjustable to modify lighting conditions to match plant development needs for higher plant quality and consistency.



  • Versatile growing - zone your lights by group of racks or by room to manage crop transitions and various cultivars
  • Soundless
  • Dimmable between 10-100% brightness allowing customization for different needs
  • Wireless control system for dimmability program
  • Space efficient - Compact and able to fit in any space
  • Energy efficient - use less energy but achieve the same optimal effects
  • Gain access to lighting and energy charts and dig deeper into your lighting performance w/ smartPAR
  • Protected against water ingress by IP65-rated waterproofing
  • Lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours based on usage – they are some of the most long-lasting artificial indoor light options
  • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty


Design Highlights

  • Samsung LEDs
  • Unique reflector - 10% higher efficiency compared to glass
  • Meanwell LED drive
  • RJ port and knob dimming
  • Smooth, foldable structure
  • V hook - easy to fit and mount


Instructions for Installation

Installation in just 8 easy steps

  1. Put 2 beams 4 feet away from each other
  2. Install light bars with pins
  3. Tighten screws
  4. Install hooks
  5. Fixture is built
  6. Place slide stands on both sides
  7. Put driver on the light bars
  8. Insert DC wire and AC wire


Unique Advantages of LED Full-Spectrum Lights

By using LED target spectrum lights, the spectrum produced is more conducive to the photosynthesis of plants. The target spectrum light has high efficiency and requires less light intensity can achieve the effect, and the heat generated is less, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. At the same time, the plants can grow better due to the generation of less heat. Reasonable use of different target spectrum lights, without the influence of other colour lights, will speed up the growth of plants and accelerate the growth cycle of plants, so that the growth of plants will not be affected by the season or time of day and as a result, can be harvested in shorter time.

  • LED grow lights have high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, and low heat. Because it is fully customizable and adjustable, LEDs can emit light of specific wavelengths so that plants can efficiently perform photosynthesis.


Why choose LED Grow Lights?

  •  Easy to install: most LED grow lights are turn-key, you only need to plug them into a power source and hang them over the designated spt.
  • Energy-saving: LED grow lights use 60% less energy than traditional lights. Since they produce light directly from electricity, they can produce usable light efficiently. Less heat emission is ideal for plant health.
  • Environmentally friendly: LED lights do not contain harmful substances like mercury, which are contained in the traditional HID lights. They are also 100% reusable.
  • Wavelength regulation: LED grow lights allow the grower to regulate the kind of light wavelength to use for growing your plant. The right light will promote photosynthesis but reduce energy wastage. Traditional lights do not offer this option and produce green and yellow light that do not benefit plants.
  • Promoting plant health: grow lights help with heat regulation and prevent harmful wavelengths like IR and UV rays from drying up or killing the plants.
  • Promoting multiple quick harvest cycles: LED grow lights can easily help you have multiple successful harvest cycles in a single season. Since plants aren’t exposed to the typical environmental factors, you can manipulate their growth the lights. For instance, you and change daylight hours and red-light intensity to manipulate and accelerate the growth.
  • Full-spectrum: LED grow lights lead to larger harvests and catalyze photochromic conversion due to their balanced and stabilized full-spectrum light. The option to switch between different light wavelengths is ideal for varying growth stages.


Guidelines for Plant Light Dosage

  •  Quantity

 What is the typical amount of light your plant needs daily for optimal growth? The ideal quantity, measured in photosynthetic photon flux density, varies from one plant to another – fruiting and flowering plants need more light than their vegetative counterparts.


  • Duration

 For plants to activate flowering, they need varying durations of dark (night) and light (day) periods. This effect is called photoperiodism. Some plants prefer short nights and long days and vice versa. Typically, a long day might not exceed 14 hours, while a short day won’t exceed 12 hours.


  • Quality

 This depends on the spectral support that specific plants need, which are grouped in colours that are produced at different light wavelengths. The plant’s photoreceptors can sense different colours. The quality of light you expose your plants will affect germination, vegetation, fruiting, and flowering. If you want both blue LED grow light and red LED lights, the ideal option will be full-spectrum LED grow light.