880w folding type grow lights


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Special Spectrum
--Easy to replace the HPS.
--Make THC over 26% increase.

2280~2460 µmols
-Over 2.6~2.8µmol/w at 880w ( 8
bars ).-Ultra wide spectrum.

Wet location / IP65
--Make planting easier.
--Easily sterilized

>97% light transmission
--With silicone conformal coating.

Suitable for GMP & GACP facility
--Sealed shut.
--No fans.

G-8H Lighting model is the result of many years of research between artificial light and the cannabis by foreign universities and professional institutions. It will brings consistent yield performance to your cannabis business. Also it's a ideal solution to replace the sodium lamp and help you maximize your revenues.

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Product Size

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Installation Steps

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